Wyzo: World’s First Delta Robot – Motion Redefined

Meet Wyzo, a high-speed, pick-and-place robot that works side-by-side with people. Empowered by Genesis Motion’ LiveDrive® direct drive actuators, the Wyzo delta sidebot is transforming the world of repetitive work—and the delta robot’s drivetrain paradigm—forever.

WYZO Employees working beside a sidebot robot focused on food packaging

In collaborative applications, our direct drive product can deliver functionality that enables robots to operate safely with humans. Wyzo’s been designed to sense collisions immediately and will shut down to keep everyone out of harm’s way.

Other features and benefits of LiveDrive? Our direct drive actuators have a compact footprint, meaning more robots—and more production-line picks—are possible. And did we mention no gearbox? That means no oil, no contamination, and no maintenance. In manufacturing environments where cleanliness and throughput are mission-critical, this is a game-changer.

Side profile of the DMX Cover LiveDrive

We’re excited to be making history with Team Wyzo. And proud our no-compromise, high-performance drivetrains are moving the next generation of delta robots into a new era for robotics and industrial automation.

Our Partnership With WYZO – A Message From Our CEO

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