Genesis at iREX 2019

Genesis Motion Solutions attended iREX 2019, from 18-23 Dec in Tokyo, Japan, presenting the company’s latest advances in direct drive motor technology and gearing solutions for real-world robotic applications.

The Genesis booth made a deliberate approach to demonstrate how their technology can benefit potential customer’s designs and processes, making them more efficient and profitable.

LiveDrive® Motors are designed to provide extremely high torque in a compact and light weight form factor. They specialize in high acceleration and deceleration with increased peak torque capacity and low inertia. This enhanced performance equips LiveDrive® motors to provide direct drive solutions, removing the need for traditional gear and belt transmissions, simplifying actuator designs, while dramatically improving reliability, productivity and reducing the total cost of ownership.

In addition, the revolutionary Genesis Reflex Torque Amplifier Gearbox was displayed – a unique design that can deliver the same torque as conventional gearboxes at a fraction of the weight. Made of injection moldable high-performance plastic, the Reflex reduces the weight of robot joints and delivers backdriveable solutions for applications such as workplace robots that can be utilized in smaller businesses and commercial enterprises.

Team approving of situation

We are seeing the coming of age of our technologies.

Chris Di Lello, CEO Genesis Motion Solutions

“Reducing the size and weight of key components within a robot is key to realizing a wide range of benefits,” said James Klassen, CTO at Genesis Motion. “The Reflex gearbox, for example, has no planet carrier and no bearings, is extremely lightweight and low inertia. Because it’s made of injection moldable high-performance plastic, this allows for the development of high-performance robots that are lightweight and manufacturable.”

Chris DiLello, CEO at Genesis Motion added, “We are seeing the coming of age of our technologies, moving closer and closer, in collaboration with our partners, to commercial applications that will revolutionize the way robots are deployed in both the industrial and domestic environments.”

Child testing out gears

Visitors to the booth also experienced firsthand the Genesis Double Helix, a completely different approach to gearing that demonstrates the forward thinking nature of Genesis’ approach. The prototype highlights the potential to deliver higher speeds, increased stiffness and smooth backdriveability – adding up to a much more productive robot.

Genesis thanks all its guests and industry partners for their strong interest and presence at iREX 2019.