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LDX Frameless Models

Direct Drive Frameless Rotary Motors

The LiveDrive® LDX is a patented frameless motor with superior torque to length, torque to mass, and motor constant (Km) compared to other direct drive motors. Your machines can accelerate faster, with increased payload, and reduced size/weight.

Welcome to the next generation of direct drive rotary motors – where more performance comes in smaller packages to unlock breakthrough applications.

The LiveDrive

  • Design flexibility, windings, diameters and stack lengths
  • Versatile integration: bond, clamp, threaded hub, through hole
  • Superior dynamic performance with direct torque transmission
  • Compact motor architecture
  • Compatible with most industry-standard servo drives

High Performance

LiveDrive LDX frameless motors provide superior torque to length, torque to mass, and motor constant (Km), so you can move higher payloads faster.

Simplify: Less is More

Commission a system quickly by managing fewer parts in the supply chain. Our compact motor architecture has no drive subassemblies, such as gears and belts to maintain. Fewer parts means decreased failure points.

More Compact Machines

With compact motor architecture, the LDX allows you more design flexibility (windings, diameters and stack lengths). Less weight and floor space helps you drive more value from your machinery.

Versatile Integration

Bond, clamp, threaded hub or through hole; LDX provides flexibility in overall design and cable management. Industry standard voltages and currents as well as custom windings for any system or application.

LDX frameloss motor

Behind the
LiveDrive LDX

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Product Features

  • Large through hole shaft provides flexibility in overall design as well as cable management.
  • Built-in temperature detector monitors coils to ensure safety without sacrificing performance.
  • Available in multiple voltages suited to industrial power sources, both 480 and 230 VAC.
  • Multiple options for stator and rotor integration to enable more compact machines.
LDX Stacklengths

Leverage LiveDrive LDX in Your Industry

How LiveDrive LDX Empowers Your Industry



  • Rotary positioning for CNC machining and automated assembly
  • Electro-mechanical linear actuation
  • Drivetrains for AMR and AS/RS

More Applications



LDX 180-100E

Performance Max. Continuous Torque* Continuous Current* Peak Torque at 20°C Peak Current Allowable Power Dissipated Rated Power* Speed at Rated Power Torque at Rated Power No-Load Speed Cogging Torque
Units Nm Arms Nm Arms W W RPM Nm RPM % of Cont. Torque
LDX 180-100E 67.6 22.1 179 62.9 431 680 104 62.7 163 < 2%
Electrical Design Voltage** Ke at 20°C Kt no load at 20°C Kt at 120°C Km at 20°C Km at 120°C ResistanceL-L at 20°C (± 10%) InductanceL-L at 20°C (± 10%)
Units VAC or VDC Vrms/kRPM N·m/ADC Nm/Arms Nm/√W Nm/√W Ω mH
LDX 180-100E 48 VDC 208 2.80 3.06 4.31 3.25 0.423 1.8
Thermal Thermal Resistance Thermal Time Constant Thermal Capacitance Aluminum Heat Sink Dimensions Storage Temperature Operating Ambient Temperature*** Max Winding Temperature
Units °C/W min kJ/°C mm °C °C °C
LDX 180-100E 0.232 38 49.2 400 x 400 x 12.7 -20 to 80 -20 to 80 120
Physical Stator Outer Diameter Stator Inner Diameter Rotor Outer Diameter Rotor Inner Diameter Stator Length Stator Sleeve Length Stator Stack Length Rotor Length Rotor Inertia Total Mass Number of Poles
Units mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm kg·m2 kg
LDX 180-100E 179 133.96 132.69 104.0 117.0 102.0 100.0 102.0 1.09E-02 9.10 44
Integrated Sensor Temperature Sensor
LDX 180-100E PT-1000

* Assumes a 100°C temperature rise from 20°C ambient to the maximum winding temperature.

** Motors can be operated at different voltages. Contact an Applications Engineer for inquiries with special voltage requirements.

*** Increasing the ambient temperature derates motor performance.
All electrical and performance specifications have ±15% tolerance. Specifications are preliminary and subject to change.


LDX Datasheet

LDX User Manual

LDX 095 CAD (STEP-File)

LDX 095 Interface Drawing

LDX 115 CAD (STEP-File)

LDX 115 Interface Drawing

LDX 135 CAD (STEP-File)

LDX 135 Interface Drawing

LDX 160 CAD (STEP-File)

LDX 160 Interface Drawing

LDX 180 CAD (STEP-File)

LDX 180 Interface Drawing

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